The Transpos-O-Matic is a musical slide-rule - a simple and fast tool for the practicing musician, for music teachers, instructors, students, professionals, and hobbyists.

With this simple device, you can transpose between keys, and see at a glance to change chords and progressions.

In addition to the functions of the slide rule, the reverse side of the Transpos-O-Matic includes some of the basics of music theory.

  • Chord spelling
  • Key signatures
  • Key Spelling
The device has been redesigned for 2014, and measures 8.75 x 2 inches . It's thin enough to fit easily into a guitar or instrument case. It even works great as a book mark!

Watch the video for more details on the features and functions of the amazing Transpos-O-Matic!

The Transpos-O-Matic has been designed by David McCord, a singer, songwriter, performer, guitarist and instructor for over 40 years. The device is always at the ready inside his guitar case, or on his music stand.

It's many uses make this simple slide rule one of the most valuable gadgets a musician can own. Weekend campfire singers, professional performers, and college professors have all realized the benefits of the Transpos-O-Matic. Now, you can too!

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You can CLICK HERE to download a PDF version
of the Transpos-O-Matic pamphlet, which describes
how to use the device in more detail..